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Real-Time Revenue Leakage Detection

Syniverse Provides Real-Time Revenue Leakage Detection for T-Mobile

T-Mobile Austria needed a revenue assurance solution that offered real-time leakage detection. While the ability for real-time billing was important, the accuracy of that billing was even more vital, as the company found that inaccurate data had the potential to lead to lost revenues and unhappy customers. Thus, it was imperative for the operator to get an integrated view that would provide a snapshot of the quality of its entire billing process. Moreover, T-Mobile needed to be able to combine data with real-time analytics, requiring complex data analysis techniques and the tools to consolidate and manage its data more effectively. Consequently, not only did the company need a revenue assurance solution with a large data-handling capability, it also required the architecture to be able to support data analysis in near real-time.

Syniverse implemented its Revenue Assurance solution, providing a comprehensive answer to T-Mobile's needs. The solution interfaces with the operator’s data streams and verifies if calls are lost, or not processed, or charged incorrectly. It validates hundreds of millions of call detail records and their associated tariffs, while also highlighting missing call detail records across voice, SMS, MMS, VAS and data services. The Syniverse Revenue Assurance solution manages data input for the operator through normalization, validation, reconciliation and reporting for end-to-end revenue assurance. Using in-memory analysis techniques, the solution provided a powerful information management capability to help the operator define and compare previous data patterns and reinforce the validity of other information management techniques, helping proactively identify potential revenue leakage and suboptimal revenue chain processes. Syniverse Revenue Assurance is deployed in a cloud environment, thus ensuring rapid implementation, providing enhanced performance capabilities and decreasing T-Mobile's time to market.

"With Syniverse's Revenue Assurance solution, we have been able to optimize control of our billing chain and enhance our confidence in billing accuracy to detect even the most minute errors. Detection of billing problems is quick and precise, and graphic presentations of potential processing problems are provided to make quick identification of problems and countermeasures easy and intuitive. As a result, Syniverse Revenue Assurance helps us record over 120 million call detail records and monitor 17 different revenue streams daily, which helps us to save over €600,000 a year."