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Optimizing Efficiency of Roaming Agreements

Syniverse Managed Services Solution Optimizes Efficiency of Roaming Agreements

A large North American operator faced increasing complexity in dealing with a multitude of roaming agreements. The sheer number of agreements and the unique pricing and service specifications set for each prevented efficient financial management and revenue growth. To streamline its operations and realize a greater return from its roaming agreements, the operator needed a solution that could be flexibly and cost-efficiently deployed as well as a specialist to help implement it.

Syniverse's Global Business Services and Solutions team partnered with the operator and devised a customized solution for a top-to-bottom restructuring of its roaming agreements. The solution used Syniverse's Managed Services, enabling the operator to hand off a majority of the work and the specialized skills needed for the project so it did not have to hire additional staff or pull current employees away from their primary roles. The Syniverse team began by completing a rigorous assessment of all the operator's roaming partners based on estimated revenue opportunities. A strategy was then developed based on the priority of each roaming agreement as well as the complexity level involved with the restructuring of each agreement. Leveraging Syniverse's extensive global network of operator relationships, the team then began opening opportunities to negotiate more effective agreements for the operator with its most high-value partners. Ultimately, Syniverse helped the operator succeed in realizing a significantly higher return on investment through managing roaming partner costs and services more efficiently as well as capturing new revenue opportunities more robustly.

"Syniverse Managed Services provided a cost-effective solution that allowed us to rapidly assemble a specialized team to focus on a specific challenge. Not only were we able to successfully rework a number of roaming contracts to help our business, but we also were able to accomplish this without the huge cost of undertaking this ourselves and having to find the necessary skilled experts. In addition to revenue enhancement, we've been able to gain more detailed data on our customers' usage trends, enabling us to provide better service and better anticipate customer needs."

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