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Case Study: Network Monitoring and Alerting

Improving the end user experience with Syniverse Network Monitoring and Alerting

One of the largest wireless communications services providers in the United States faced a lack of visibility into its visited roaming networks to monitor and manage end-user experiences. To deliver the highest level of service for end users and also gain greater business intelligence to respond to end-user usage patterns, this provider needed a robust monitoring solution that would ensure the highest-quality roaming experience.

Syniverse addressed the operator’s need with a customized Intelligent Roaming solution developed from Syniverse’s Network Monitoring and Alerting roaming data-analysis application. Network Monitoring and Alerting ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality service by proactively identifying network abnormalities, such as voice, data and messaging registration failures and overall traffic patterns, to allow mobile services providers to efficiently solve issues before they affect end users.

With mobile end users having more choices and higher service expectations than ever before, it’s imperative to be able to capture and act on data in real time to deliver an optimal end-user experience. Using Syniverse’s, Network Monitoring and Alerting Intelligent Roaming solution, we’ve been able to gain one comprehensive view to monitor and measure the performance of our customers’ global roaming experience. As a result, we’ve been better able to detect issues and resolve them more quickly, and also improve customer service while gaining important insights to better serve users with new and enhanced services offerings.

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