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Mobile Banking Services with SMS

Expanding Mobile Banking Services with SMS

One of the largest multinational financial institutions in the United States wanted to launch mobile banking services to the more than 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses it serves in India, and it turned to Syniverse to expand its customer engagement with SMS. With the rapid growth of mobile phone penetration in the country coupled with low penetration for fixed Internet access and home PCs, India is a market in which consumers are increasingly demanding more services to be delivered through their mobile devices.

Syniverse answered the financial institution’s need with a customized international SMS solution developed from Syniverse’s Mobile Enterprise Services (MES) for Financial Institutions. For more than 10 years, this suite of mobile services has provided the financial institution with a wide range of solutions for empowering account holders to take advantage of SMS to access their accounts, receive account alerts, recharge prepaid phones and pay bills. What’s more, the financial institution has used MES for Financial Institutions to roll out these SMS services as part of a global solution to the more than 150 countries where it does business.

“Syniverse has helped us provide a new level of service to further enable anytime-anywhere banking for our customers. Using SMS, we have been able to empower customers to access and manage their accounts more quickly, easily and frequently. We’ve also been able to significantly reduce the time our customers have to spend contacting our customer-care centers.”

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