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Interconnect Billing Solution

Interconnect Services Solution Provides Comprehensive Management Solution for Tango

Tango, a leading mobile network operator in Luxembourg, needed to refocus its resources on its core business and customer requirements. In particular, Tango was challenged by the high cost of ownership of in-house interconnect billing software and the resources allocated to the system. While the growing complexity of interconnection and content settlement markets have been putting increasing pressure on resources and costs for operators, new technology options, using cloud and SaaS provide the promise of new lower-cost solutions. Consequently, Tango sought a comprehensive interconnect billing solution to enhance its service quality, improve efficiency and manage costs.

Tango turned to Syniverse's Interconnect Services managed-service solution, which enables operators to offload the management of their interconnect services and take advantage of a variety of extensive services, from reference data management and tariff maintenance, to flexible rating and invoicing, to comprehensive reporting and systems development. The cloud-based interconnect billing solution has allowed Tango to find cost and efficiency savings in the areas of billing and routing, through being able to compare different carriers and traffic volumes easily and limiting potential profit loss by comparing incoming and outgoing traffic. Syniverse Interconnect Billing has also allowed Tango to enable its network department to optimize its routing based on the numbering plans and prices of all its carriers and its network configuration. As a result, Tango has enhanced the operational efficiency of its interconnect business by improving the quality of its rating, reducing revenue leakage and speeding up the adoption of new rating scenarios, thereby reducing the time to market for its interconnect products.

"Interconnect Services allow us to put our wholesale billing in the hands of experts in the field, enabling us to focus on our core business competencies. The solution is supported by functionality that provides advanced features including high-performance rating, storage and reprocessing capabilities along with comprehensive billing functionalities, covering all traffic types and call cases. Moreover, these extensive software functionalities are backed up by a skilled team, which acts as Tango’s external interconnect unit providing complete system management, all reference data input tasks and all error CDR investigations and corrections. The telecom industry is growing at an exponential rate, and, as this solution has demonstrated, we have been consistently impressed at how Syniverse’s solutions have been agile enough to change with the times and meet these challenges."

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