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Case Study: Fraud Management

Syniverse Fraud Management Provides Comprehensive Protection Solution for Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom needed to reduce its exposure to fraud by decreasing the window of opportunity for fraud attacks. Because fraud protection is a time game – the quicker it's detected, the more money that can be saved -- advanced signaling analysis technology, in combination with high-speed processing of event data records, was needed to ensure that Deutsche Telekom would be alerted to suspicious activity almost as soon as it happened. The accuracy of fraud monitoring was also essential, with a need for reliable and rapid detection that would minimize the resources deployed to deal with false alarms. Moreover, a system was needed that would be compatible with operational process requirements as it was important that the system could integrate with existing workflows and business practices. Finally, the system needed to meet corporate security, quality and data privacy requirements, and provide cost-of-ownership benefits as far as hardware costs, system administration and application costs.

To meet these challenges, Deutsche Telekom turned to the Syniverse Fraud Management system to provide a comprehensive solution for detecting fraud quickly and efficiently. Syniverse Fraud Management supports various types of filter mechanisms for effective analysis and recognition of fraudulent network usage, and the design of the user interface is optimized to reduce the most important "time to detect" delay of fraudulent usage. In addition, Fraud Management uses a modular design, allowing it to be deployed flexibly and cost-efficiently, and customized to fit the exact requirements of a fraud department. As a result, Deutsche Telekom has benefited from near-real-time alerts on fraudulent behavior, allowing it to react quickly to fraud events and thereby reduce losses from fraud. Moreover, Fraud Management has given Deutsche Telekom the ability to make timely and proactive decisions based on accurate and relevant information about fraud cases.

"The flexibility and ease of use of Syniverse Fraud Management has been a great fit with our existing fraud department’s environment and processes. The system has helped ensure that any fraud issues that occur are detected quickly and accurately, and that all of our future requirements are addressed immediately. This solution has been built on our more than 15 years of working together successfully, and we look forward to expanding on this relationship for years to come."

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