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Managing Mobile Data Usage

Managing Mobile Data Usage with Syniverse Bill Shock Prevention


A local telecommunications service provider in one of the biggest states in the United States needed a solution for a growing roaming-abuse problem. As a result of explosive growth, this provider faced the threat of increasing subscriber “bill shock,” declining roaming revenue, and greater subscriber dissatisfaction and churn. For these reasons, the provider needed a solution that could automatically generate a wide range of alerts to help it manage data roaming usage for a large subscriber base.


Syniverse developed a customized program with from its User Experience Management capability, a part of Syniverse’s Intelligent Roaming solutions portfolio that enables operators or subscribers to set spending or usage thresholds based on pre-established policies and then use SMS or email alerts to inform subscribers before they breach these thresholds. The provider first used Bill Shock Prevention to generate internal real-time alerts for data roaming abuse, which allowed the provider to notify subscribers and begin to make a huge impact in roaming-abuse charges. Next, the provider took fuller advantage of Syniverse's Bill Shock Prevention's capabilities to provide alerts for three levels of users for when they reached 50 percent, 80 percent, and 100 percent of their usage, and then $50 in overusage charges.

"A major challenge for subscribers is the difficulty they have with immediately determining their exact usage levels, especially when they could have considerable overusage charges. Using Bill Shock Prevention and its real-time intelligence capability, we’ve been able to demonstrate our commitment to subscribers through a system of courtesy alerts. As a result, we have significantly reduced uncollected invoices for mobile data roaming and increased customer satisfaction."

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