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Syniverse is leading the way in mobile innovation, providing mobile network operators, enterprises and service providers with solutions that empower customers and deliver the mobile experiences end users expect.

From Connected LTE and Intelligent Roaming to Mobile Engagement, Reach and Protection services, Syniverse is positioned to help solve your mobile challenges. Learn how our products and services can make mobile work for your business.

Infographic: Sponsored Data Unlocks $6 Billion Opportunity in Asia

From the time your customer connects their device to a visited network until they receive their bill upon returning home, Connected LTE helps you ensure that your subscriber receives a high-quality roaming experience. The solution includes a single connection to our private and secure IPX network with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and class of service (CoS) for your IP-based voice, data and video services over LTE. Moreover, with Connected LTE Syniverse also provides services that let you monitor the level of service that subscribers are experiencing to ensure that they’re provided the highest-quality roaming experience every time, all the time.

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Utilizing Intelligent Roaming to Deliver Enhanced Roaming Experiences

Syniverse harnesses the power of “intelligent roaming” to unlock revenue by raising the performance of the retail, quality and wholesale aspects of your roaming business. These mutually beneficial objectives are dependent on employing accurate information in real time to stimulate increased usage, influence the quality of the subscriber experience, and reduce wholesale costs. Syniverse’s unmatched position in the mobile ecosystem, which includes connections to over 1,000 operators and reach to 7 billion devices, means we can process this information for our customers through an extensive solution suite that can achieve their roaming growth goals.

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Mobile Engagement Whiteboard Video

Today’s always-connected audiences want to interact in real time with enterprises. And they want contextual experiences that offer real value when they shop, work and play.

Syniverse leads the way in helping companies make this mobile engagement possible, and realizing the power of mobile across an organization. Using our cloud-based mobile technologies, connecting you to over 1,000 mobile operators’ users in almost 200 countries, Syniverse can help you establish and maintain in-the-moment relationships that engage customers and improve service.

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Syniverse Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance

Syniverse Mobile Protection services help communications providers and companies manage risks while protecting their customers’ data. Our Risk Management services provide the ability to protect against the fraudulent use of mobile communications resources. At the same time, the services prevent revenue leakage with highly flexible, low-cost revenue-loss mitigation services. What’s more, our End User Protection services combine robust location-based and identity services to improve integrity, security and trust for optimized mobile interaction and campaign results.

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Syniverse Mobile Reach Map
Syniverse Mobile Reach Map (Click to view)

Syniverse’s Mobile Reach solution provides a range of services with unsurpassed global coverage and interoperability. These services simplify complexity and provide cost-effective delivery of signaling, data and messaging traffic. From legacy SS7 networks to next-generation LTE IP networks, and from text messaging to IP messaging, Mobile Reach offers communication providers with a complete selection of services, including data and signaling networks and gateways, messaging gateways, database services, and number portability solutions. Syniverse also offers a set of solutions that enables companies, mobile network operators, Internet service providers, and fixed-line operators to efficiently deliver mobile messages.

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Financial Clearing House for GSM

With an increasing number of wholesale partners, there comes more complexity and the need to ensure revenue management and reduce costs. To this end, Syniverse Revenue Management services can enable you to clear and settle your roaming and interconnect data with an automated process that helps simplify your daily operations. Syniverse’s state-of-the-art financial clearing lets you settle your financial position with your partners while effectively managing cash flow.

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How We Make Mobile Work

Syniverse sits in the center of the ever-expanding mobile ecosystem and makes mobile work anywhere, anytime.

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Future of Brand Engagement

Soon everything we touch will be smart and mobile-enabled. See what the future looks like.

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