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September 30, 2015

Syniverse Enables VoLTE Roaming Launch between LG Uplus and SmarTone

TAMPA, Fla. – Sept. 30, 2015 – Made possible by Syniverse’s IPX Network, subscribers of South Korea’s LG Uplus can now enjoy the high-definition experience of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) while roaming in Hong Kong on the SmarTone network. This commercial VoLTE roaming launch follows the first commercial VoLTE roaming service launch that was enabled by Syniverse earlier this year and is the beginning of a bilateral launch between the two operators.

“The global reach of Syniverse’s IPX network to nearly every operator that has launched LTE allows us to continue to expand VoLTE coverage and services in additional markets to achieve the critical reach and coverage our subscribers demand from their constantly connected devices,” said Lee KunHee, Senior Manager, Global Roaming Team, LG Uplus.

With high-speed mobile devices in demand throughout the world, GSA reports that more than 420 operators have commercially launched LTE networks and 25 operators have launched VoLTE. The Syniverse IPX network interconnects the world’s mobile networks to make LTE data and VoLTE roaming possible, reaching more than 270 operators in 44 countries through more than 2,000 LTE roaming routes. This reach includes over 120 direct connections that enable Syniverse to launch VoLTE trials and deployments around the globe. These direct connections are critical for advanced technologies like VoLTE and Video over LTE (ViLTE), which require extremely low latency and high speed. As a result, Syniverse recently enabled the world’s first transoceanic VoLTE roaming call and has direct LTE connections with more than half of the operators that have launched VoLTE.

“We are excited to become the first operator in Hong Kong to provide VoLTE service to inbound roaming customers,” said Ben Yeung, General Manager of Roaming and International Operator Relationship, SmarTone. “Our customers in Hong Kong enjoy our superior VoLTE service and we are pleased to extend the service to LG Uplus roaming customers via the Syniverse IPX.”

With the Syniverse IPX network, operators have the flexibility to implement VoLTE roaming through either S8 home routing or local breakout, which are two key emerging implementation models. Additionally, the Syniverse IPX network supports VoLTE interconnect implementations and is ready to enable other IP-based multimedia services and Rich Communication Services (RCS).

“Always-evolving technology requires mobile operators to enhance network efficiency through improved connectivity and reach,” said MK Chang, Vice President, Advanced Signal and Network Interoperability, Mobile Transaction Services. “The interconnected global footprint of Syniverse’s IPX as a single connection point positions LG Uplus and SmarTone in leading the market for VoLTE and LTE data, and smoothly transitioning to other advanced services in the future.”

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