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June 11, 2014

Mobile Context Data in China, Japan and Korea Represents Potential $11.9 Billion Opportunity

SHANGHAI, China – June 10, 2014 – Syniverse today announced that the potential market value for mobile context data in China, Japan and Korea is expected to reach $11.9 billion annually. In a research report commissioned by Syniverse, economic consulting firm SEEC estimated the value of these markets. The report also cited the key drivers of opportunity for mobile context as the prevalent use of mobile devices and social media, increased travel and tourism to the region, and the growing popularity of mobile banking.

Mobile context is the insight into subscriber information, behavior and location – for those end users that opt in – that is available to operators and that can be offered to brands for the purpose of improving end-user engagement and experience, which can result in increased brand loyalty and revenue.

“Mobile context enables brands to customize interaction with end users and further enrich their experiences,” said Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, Syniverse. “With China set to become the largest mobile phone market in revenue this year, and with Japan and Korea having two of the world’s most advanced mobile networks, this region offers a critical opportunity for mobile innovation. Mobile context has the potential to deliver enhanced benefits to consumers, the companies they trust and the operators that serve them.”

In the SEEC study, the projected market value is based on brands and mobile operators that develop mobile context offerings for a “platform market” model in which brands connect to multiple mobile operators through a single neutral third party rather than through numerous operators through separate agreements. Specifically, the market applications of mobile context that are considered in the valuation constitute opportunities in mobile banking, travel and retail advertising. The platform market model would generate approximately $11.9 billion in annual revenue for mobile operators in China, Japan and Korea, assuming a mature market.

When broken down, the potential annual value of mobile context by country is as follows:

  • $5.9 billion for China
  • $4.5 billion for Japan
  • $1.4 billion for South Korea

An example of the benefits mobile context can deliver is the ability to improve consumer peace of mind for making payments while traveling, as illustrated through Syniverse’s work with MasterCard – in particular efforts to use mobile context to confirm the location of an end user is the same as his or her payment card transaction. In addition, the growing popularity of mobile banking in China, Japan and Korea means brands can build consumer loyalty programs and issue incentives through mobile devices. As the market evolves, Syniverse believes mobile operators will increasingly develop their mobile payment solutions to unlock the value of data traveling through mobile networks to enhance the end-user experience.

Mobile penetration rates in countries like China, Japan and Korea continue to grow with the transition to 3G and 4G service. SEEC’s research proposes a sustainable long-term market structure with a balanced, mutually beneficial relationship between operators, brands and consumers. Operators stand to benefit from the sale of opted-in mobile context data; brands can enhance their ability to target and engage with their audiences; and end-users can gain value from highly personalized, relevant brand engagement.

At Mobile World Congress 2014, Syniverse reported on the global market value for advanced services based on mobile context insights, a global figure estimated to be worth as much as $44 billion annually, based on another SEEC research report commissioned by Syniverse.

“Syniverse’s technology and unique position in the mobile ecosystem enables us to serve approximately 1,000 operators and more than 550 enterprises and OTTs around the globe, including many leaders in Asia,” Clark said. “These existing relationships and our 25-plus years of experience in mobile combine to allow companies to navigate today's complex mobile ecosystem and engage their end users in timely, relevant ways that optimize experiences.”

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