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Syniverse Enables Cable & Wireless Seychelles to Improve LTE Roaming User Experience
Syniverse Enables Cable & Wireless Seychelles to Improve LTE Roaming User Experience search
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July 20, 2017

Syniverse Enables Cable & Wireless Seychelles to Improve LTE Roaming User Experience

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TAMPA, Fla. – July 20, 2017 Syniverse today announced that it has signed an agreement with Cable & Wireless Seychelles to help the operator improve roaming experiences for inbound and outbound roaming customers. The agreement builds on a multiyear relationship and marks another step in Cable & Wireless Seychelles’ ability to deliver the highest level of roaming experience and maximize revenues in a rapidly growing tourism market.

“LTE is quickly moving from a preferred service to a must-have service, and it’s increasingly a standard that our customers expect to have access to anytime, anywhere,” said Jack Maher, Head of Roaming and Carrier Relations, Cable & Wireless Seychelles. “Following our launch of full LTE roaming service, our goal is now ensuring that our roamers have the best-possible LTE roaming quality of experience. Our work with Syniverse is an important step in this process that will enable us to provide better data on our roamers’ usage and better management of their service.”

LTE roaming has become a critical mobile service in the Seychelles as the number of tourists and visiting, or inbound, roamers has soared over the past few years and far exceeded the nation’s 94,000-plus citizens. According to the United Nations World Travel Organisation Tourism Barometer, the Seychelles saw a more than 18 percent rise in number of tourists in 2015, making it one of the world’s top 10 fastest-growing countries for tourism, and, in 2016, this number rose by almost 11 percent to 304,000 visitors from 275,000.

To help Cable & Wireless Seychelles better manage the roaming experiences for this growing number, Syniverse will implement Syniverse Network Monitoring and Alerting as part of its global, reliable and secure platform. The service uses Syniverse’s roaming-data-monitoring product, Total Visibility, to provide a holistic approach to roaming that enables operators to efficiently and proactively solve subscribers’ problems and tailor their individual experiences in real time. With a flexible, cloud-based framework, Syniverse Network Monitoring and Alerting enables an operator to select only the capabilities that specifically pertain to its specific service features and implementation requirements.

“With the GSMA predicting that 75 percent of the world’s population will be covered by 4G-LTE networks by 2020, it’s mission-critical for operators to be able to ensure that they can deliver the highest quality of roaming experience possible to meet customers’ rising demands,” said Nour Al Atassi, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and Africa. “Our Network Monitoring and Alerting and global platform will give customers greater insight into their roaming usage and ability to manage roaming costs. At the same time, Cable & Wireless Seychelles will be able to better provide the best customer experience and maximize its roaming revenue.”

Syniverse’s agreement builds on a long-standing customer relationship with Cable & Wireless Seychelles as well as on Syniverse’s recent LTE work. Syniverse began working with Cable & Wireless Seychelles in 2008 with the implementation of data clearing services offered through Syniverse’s Revenue Management portfolio, built on the relationship with the use of Risk Management services and GRX services, and most recently expanded the relationship with the implementation of LTE roaming service.

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