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Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement Use Cases

The mobile device has truly become one of the strongest connections a brand can have to its customers. It’s so valuable that most people keep their device within reach at all times, and they increasingly expect regular engagement through it from the brands they keep relationships with.

Syniverse has been at the forefront of developing solutions to help brands determine the best strategy to ensure this rich mobile engagement. Our use cases here demonstrate some of the many ways in which we use engagement to make mobile work.

Mobile Wallet

Deliver location-based marketing offers, loyalty rewards and other campaigns through the versatile and increasingly popular medium of mobile wallet. Our solution allows you to seamlessly provide coupons, rewards and tickets straight to your customers’ mobile device, at a place on the device where they can quickly and easily be used.

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Push Notifications

Create and manage multiple push-notification campaigns through one simple user interface. Our platform can ensure that your message is delivered to the right customer, at the right time, on the right device, with features for managing customer preferences, user limits and opt-ins.

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Beacons are tiny, low-powered radio transmitters that can send signals to mobile devices directly nearby, such as within a store. Beacons offer the potential to reshape proximity marketing and on-site brand-to-consumer interactions, and we can help you use beacons to trigger a variety of location-based marketing actions.

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Text-to-Link Communications

The Syniverse Text-to-Link feature enables you to embed links into your SMS (text message) marketing, which directs customers to rich content such as video and audio clips, photos, and websites. These rich, interactive experiences can enable you to open a new level of customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Rich Media Engagement

Create and deliver rich media content through multiple communication channels, including text messaging, multimedia text messaging, email or push notification. Our solution also enables you to distribute an array of gaming and multimedia content, like video or audio, that can add a differentiating media component to your communications.

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Our survey solution overcomes the challenges of using other research instruments by enabling you to create, deliver and manage multiple SMS (text message) polls, SMS surveys and SMS contests. With this capability, you can manage customer preferences, opt-in requirements, and location-based services for more precise targeting and better results.

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