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Communicate the availability of ancillary services to passengers to upsell and increase non-ticket sales

How Syniverse Helps


Every day, passengers purchase tickets to travel with your company, expressing interest in what you have to offer over the competition. These ticket sales volumes are great, but now your management asks that your department focus on ways to move beyond a passenger’s initial booking. Specifically, you’re asked to expand revenue opportunities by offering ancillary services.

You have some ideas about additional services that may be compelling, but you find that the challenge is communicating these offerings to your customer base. Where do you start?

Syniverse solutions provide a suite of mobile tools to undertake this challenge and enable you to effectively communicate your offerings. These solutions can significantly increase the likelihood of purchase and expand the number of opportunities to upsell to your passenger base.

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Our Solutions

Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Our suite of Mobile Engagement solutions enable you to communicate several different types of promotional offers to your passenger base during each step of the buying process. For example, you can provide Wi-Fi service options via a text-to-Web link, or you can send mystery discounts with a scratch-to-win coupon.

Use Cases


Global Reach

As one of the most familiar and ubiquitous forms of communication around the globe, text messaging (SMS) provides a world of possibilities to send your passengers compelling offers. For example, embed a website link into your SMS message, driving your customers to your mobile website where they can bid for a premium seat on your plane. In this way, text messaging can be leveraged to create a win-win situation for everyone: You can fill empty seats that wouldn’t otherwise be occupied, and your passengers can receive an upgrade for a fraction of the price.


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