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Create and deliver timely, relevant communications to your passengers to better manage disruptions when trips are delayed or canceled

How Syniverse Helps


Disruptions in travel are inevitable. Sometimes there are problems that cause a delay in flight, and other times there are cancellations because of more serious concerns. For the most part, these situations are out of travel companies’ control, but there is one area that they can control: Creating a transparent, open line of communication between their companies and their passengers.

Syniverse’s suite of mobile solutions provide a platform to manage these communications and alert passengers of delays or disruptions in a timely manner. In turn, you’ll be able to prevent a potentially negative customer-service experience and enhance your customers’ overall satisfaction.

Future of Brand Engagement

Our Solutions

Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Want to know what your passengers thought of their last flight with your company? Design and send SMS-based surveys that collect real-time feedback. This will give you the visibility needed to better track passenger satisfaction and better understand what passengers really want from your company in the future.

Use Cases


Global Reach

In a recent Harris Interactive poll, 64 percent of consumers with text-messaging capabilities said they would prefer to use messaging over voice communication as a customer-service contact method. Leverage Syniverse Enterprise Mobile Messaging to send communications such as itinerary updates, gate changes or flight delays, when passengers are on the go. In turn, you’ll enhance passenger satisfaction and provide greater visibility into their journey.


Mobile Protection

Are you 100 percent sure that the list of mobile phone numbers in your customer database is valid? Leverage Syniverse’s Mobile Identity solution to improve message routing and increase the accuracy of your passenger database. The solution identifies whether phone numbers are mobile, landline or deactivated. Additionally, our Secure Enterprise Mobility solution ensures that any data coming to or from your business will remain secure through our private cloud-based network

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