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Reduce Time to Market and Contain Costs

In today’s increasingly competitive market, mobile service providers are feeling constant pressure to reduce prices and bring new services to market quickly.

How Syniverse Helps


With many years of mobile experience and expertise, Syniverse can be an important partner in helping you quickly launch new services to provide your customers with the best service experience. We have more than 25 years of expertise in developing mobile solutions, and, for both roaming and home services, we can help you reach more roaming and interconnection partners and provide services while keeping your costs low.

MVNO Services Diagram
MVNO Services Diagram

Our Solutions

Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Looking for ways to offer value-added services to your enterprise customer segment in an efficient manner? Leverage Syniverse’s Mobile Engagement Solutions to offer quick-to-market services that require no capital expenditure and provide differentiated offerings to your customers. Our cross-channel platform allows you and your users to engage with customers or employees in a contextually relevant manner.

As an example, two-way dialogue can be established between a business and its field staff. Or, transactional messages can be sent to customers through their preferred channel to provide shipping or account notifications.


Global Reach

Rapid introduction of a footprint to provide global coverage for your roamers across all services defines the Syniverse Mobile Reach capability. Accelerate revenue growth with the efficiency that these solutions bring. Operator Messaging Services and Value-Added Services similarly require light-touch implementations to increase service offerings and quality of experience for your roamers.

In fact, building from scratch or expanding your roaming footprint can be a protracted and intricate task, with never-ending testing to complete. In these situations, you can deploy Syniverse’s Mobile Reach solutions to reduce your partner testing and investment in new and unproven technologies. For example, with Syniverse’s Steering of Roaming service, your subscribers traveling abroad can be directed to roam on to your preferred roaming partner’s network. This not only helps you offer your customer a high-quality user experience, but it allows you to ensure you are meeting your roaming agreement commitments. And because Syniverse Value-Added Services are offered as a cloud-based service, you can realize a quicker and easier implementation.


Revenue Management

Syniverse’s Revenue Management solution enables mobile operators to effectively manage their roaming operations – from data collection to clearing to settlement. Using a cloud-based application in combination with Syniverse’s full suite of roaming solutions, Syniverse’s Revenue Management provides a cost-effective, one-stop connection to the international roaming community for compliance to operational excellence, data privacy and financial optimization.

As an example of Revenue Management in action, consider if an operator required an integrated solution for roaming wholesale, retail and financial data. Syniverse would provide a combined solution of rating and tariff management, billing interoperability, and transaction support, as well as advanced business intelligence and reporting. This enables the conversion of multiple transactions into one consolidated settlement. The benefits mean that this operator no longer has to settle with each individual partner at the end of each month. Instead, the operator settles with all partners in one single payment that significantly reduces the capital that needs to be committed to monthly settlement. What’s more, the systems that drive these outcomes are cloud-based, so setup time is quick and ongoing hardware investment is entirely avoided.


Connected LTE

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and the development of new mobile technologies are advancing at an exponential rate. To maintain a competitive position in this market, today’s mobile operators need to implement high-quality, fully proven mobile services that allow them to quickly deploy roaming and interconnection services.

Syniverse’s Connected LTE is a unique set of complimentary services, based on a powerful IPX network, designed to offer mobile operators an end-to-end LTE roaming and interconnection solution quickly and cost-effectively. Mobile operators are under increasing pressure to address data service delivery not only on their own networks, but also with roaming services. Complicating this is the fact that most mobile operators have to support roaming for all-IP services, such as 4G/LTE, while still supporting legacy voice, SMS, MMS and data services at home and abroad.

IPX has emerged as an industry solution to address these challenges. IPX supports end-to-end IP traffic delivery and quality of service to provide operators with an effective way to manage legacy and LTE services across networks.

For example, a mobile subscriber utilizing a 4G/LTE service in their home network and enjoying the high speed, quality, and expanded broadband capacity of LTE should expect to receive the same level of high quality and speed while roaming between two disparate networks. With a single connection to Syniverse’s IPX with Diameter Signaling Service, operators can make this interconnection and benefit from a full-service solution that interconnects IP services between their LTE networks. This capability allows operators to reduce equipment costs and infrastructure support by consolidating network connections through one network, enabling delivery of such services such as signaling, messaging, and roaming.


Mobile Protection

Syniverse has pioneered a cloud-based approach to revenue protection. As a result, our platforms, developed from over 15 years of practical usage and constant refinement, can be deployed in a few weeks, not several months. What’s more, the modular architecture enables mobile operators to optimize their investments with a selection of solutions that precisely meet their revenue protection requirements.

Consider if a mobile operator currently uses a traditional on-site fraud management system, but the software is out of date, and the vendor is slow to make updates to keep up with the fraud environment. To replace it with another on-site fraud management system would require an implementation that involves installation of complex software, networking of new hardware, implementation of feeds, and, finally, configuration of a wide range of detection criteria. Since this operator is continuing to experience monetary losses from highly sophisticated fraudsters, it must move quickly to address these losses.

In this case, this operator chose a more simplified approach, using Syniverse’s cloud-based fraud protection, in which the only implementation requirement is setting up data feeds. The cost of hardware was avoided as well as the long lead times in getting approval for this capital expenditure. Syniverse’s already-running systems mean the bulk of this time-consuming and expensive implementation path was avoided. Additionally, because Syniverse’s expert 24/7 team uses our fraud management system to protect customers who opt for our managed service offering, Syniverse serves as both user and supplier. In this way, we can strategically anticipate problems and implement resolutions.


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