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Maximize and Protect Revenue

Price pressures continue to play a pivotal role for mobile service providers. Protecting revenue has become a critical business focal point.

How Syniverse Helps


Syniverse offers a variety of services to help mobile operators maximize revenues by making roaming and messaging services easy and reliable while protecting revenues from fraud and misuse.

Fraud and Revenue Protection
Fraud and Revenue Protection

Our Solutions

Intelligent Roaming

Operators need accurate, actionable information in real time to gain an instant view of users’ needs and the quality of service they are experiencing. Syniverse can enable this through our unparalleled position in the mobile ecosystem, which includes connections to over 1,000 mobile operators and reach to 6 billion devices. This enables us to provide a range of solutions using real-time data to, first, deliver a superior quality of experience, and, second provide personalized offerings.

Moreover, Syniverse has an unwavering commitment to growing your roaming business. We believe that it has only reached its full potential when your roamer’s usage is at the same level as home usage. To this end, we have devised a solution set to help you reach this goal. Our intelligent roaming services not only remove barriers to usage, it also deploys customized offerings based on subscriber preferences. Imagine this world of intelligent roaming where you have total visibility of service quality and the capability to proactively intervene when roaming service is problematic.

With this foundation of service quality in place, the silent roamer can be prompted by personalized outreach to adopt roaming based on their home service preferences. Taking advantage of these services to maximize your outbound revenues can strengthen your trading position to increase interchange of inbound minutes with your partners, and thereby drive growth in wholesale revenues.


Mobile Protection

Using a highly sophisticated analysis technology that works in combination with the high-speed processing of event records, Syniverse’s Mobile Protection solution has been proven to detect fraud across our global customer base. Developed from over 15 years of practical usage and constant refinement, this modular offering has a proven track record in protecting revenue across a plethora of communication services, and it can be implemented using either a cloud-based or turnkey system. Moreover, Syniverse’s pioneering cloud-based approach to fraud management incorporates a team of industry experts who analyze centrally amassed global data patterns to enable faster detection of more types of fraud attacks.

As an example of a Mobile Protection customer solution, in one five-month period, a Syniverse fraud protection team was able to identify and track more than $14 million in potential fraud. This affected more than 140 different countries, 300 public mobile networks (PMNs) and over 9,000 unique international mobile subscriber identities (IMSI). In total, no less than 35 distinct types of fraud attack were identified and blocked.


Global Reach

The world continues to get smaller and smaller as mobile technology connects more countries and more people. In serving this ever-expanding market, mobile operators, in order to grow their existing subscriber base, minimize churn, and generate new revenue channels, it’s critical to successfully interoperate and interconnect with other mobile networks and enable a transparent messaging experience across geographic and technological borders.

Syniverse’s Mobile Reach provides an answer to this with a comprehensive set of solutions designed to meet messaging interconnection needs of mobile network operators. In particular, Mobile Reach addresses the expectation by many users that messages will arrive at their correct destination almost the instant the user presses “send.” This is true whether they are sending a message to a friend domestically or a business contact internationally. They just expect it to work.

Take for example a mobile user in Brazil wanting to send a text message to a cousin in Japan. Two different countries and two completely separate mobile network operators. Syniverse’s Mobile Reach solutions can resolve interconnectivity issues through established relationships with operators in over 200 countries, allowing mobile users, such as these cousins, to successfully send each other messages between two mobile operators in different countries. Moreover, because subscribers can originate messages to other networks, driving up usage and customer satisfaction, an operator can generate increased revenues.


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