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Extend Reach and Connectivity

With an increasing number of mobile users traversing the globe, it has become critical for mobile network operators to efficiently interconnect.

How Syniverse Helps


Offering mobile users access to complete mobile services as they roam is essential to increasing revenues and enhancing the user experience. Syniverse offers mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and mobile virtual network operators (MVNEs) a single connection to a global network of mobile operators and a suite of complementary services. With this one-connection approach, mobile service providers gain a range of improved capabilities to cost-effectively support their subscribers as they roam around the world.

Taking Advantage of Syniverse’s Global IPX Network

Our Solutions

Global Reach

One of the best ways to keep mobile subscribers happy is to give them peace of mind as far as being able to connect to their apps, send messages, and make phone calls — anyplace, anytime. Of course, this is not without its challenges, as a myriad of business and technical challenges associated with interoperability and interconnection among operators must be overcome.

Syniverse’s Mobile Reach provides a comprehensive set of 2G, 3G and 4G solutions designed to meet these challenges. The solution provides interconnectivity through messaging, interoperability, database and number portability to address a wide range of needs for MNOs and MVNOs. Whether the network is CDMA, GSM or LTE, with Syniverse’s Mobile Reach solutions, mobile service providers can enable full voice, data, and messaging connectivity as well as signaling and transport services among various network types.

A key component of Mobile Reach is Signaling Transport Service, which plays a critical role in international roaming. This roaming represents a highly valuable revenue stream. However, to realize the full potential of this opportunity, one challenge that must be overcome is ensuring technical interoperability and network signaling among mobile operators. For example, if a mobile subscriber from the U.S. travels to France and wants to use roaming services, his home mobile operator in the U.S. needs to communicate with the operator whose network he wants to access in France. Because his home operator uses ANSI SS7 signaling standards and the visited French operator uses ITU-T C7 standards, a technical interoperability solution is required for the operators to communicate.

With Syniverse’s Signaling Transport Service, which includes an SCCP Gateway offering ANSI SS7 and ITU C7 conversion, the U.S. and French operators can communicate via network signaling, and the mobile subscriber is able to successfully roam.


Connected LTE

As mobile users travel more, it’s becoming increasingly critical for MNOs and MVNOs to establish global partner connections and implement mobile services that proactively detect and resolve problems. To serve these needs, Syniverse’s Connected LTE offers a unique set of complementary services, based on Syniverse’s industry-leading IPX network, designed to offer mobile operators end-to-end LTE roaming with the greatest reach in the industry.

As more business people travel internationally to conduct business, they need to successfully access their mobile devices in a similar way to how they access them at home. For example, a businessperson traveling abroad increasingly expects her mobile service to “just work” and have a similar experience on her mobile device at her international location as she does on her home network.

To this end, Syniverse’s Connected LTE was developed to help facilitate a positive roaming experience for the international business traveler by connecting the largest network of mobile operators through Syniverse’s IPX network. For business travelers going to such countries as the U.S., Japan, Brazil, or Spain, to name just a few, they can realize a seamless, high-speed mobile connection with a direct connection through Syniverse’s IPX network.


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