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Enhance User Experience

In today’s highly competitive market, mobile service providers are facing more pressure than ever to provide services that deliver a higher-quality user experience.

How Syniverse Helps


Syniverse can help you provide unparalleled mobile engagement services to ensure an enhanced user experience either at home or while traveling.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Roaming

Operators need accurate, actionable information in real time to be able to gain a complete snapshot of a user’s roaming experience. Syniverse, through our unmatched position in the mobile ecosystem and connections to over 1,000 operators, can help address this with a specialized set of solutions using real-time data to, first, deliver a superior quality of experience, and, second, provide personalized offerings.

New technologies have now accelerated by light years the way users can integrate mobile with their personal preferences. As a result, consumers increasingly have come to want a customized experience in context to their personal usage patterns, and they want it now. Whether it’s checking the calendar, keeping on top of email, or verifying the time for a flight, mobile is the pivotal medium that they rely on to satisfy their needs.

When first arriving at a foreign destination, this reliance on mobile is heightened because of a lack of connection while in transit and the resulting urgent need to access mobile service. At these times, having an instantaneous view of the subscriber’s usage provides data that can allow operators to use personalized outreach. In this way, operators can make an offer for a roaming rate plan with specific appeal to individual subscribers. Intelligent roaming enables this customized service offering just at the point when a user is contemplating connectivity requirements and when the need for these requirements is peaking.

But Intelligent roaming doesn’t stop there. Real-time usage alerting also provides transparency of costs incurred. Background monitoring of partner network data traffic and bandwidth management work together to help deliver a user experience that is as close as possible to the experience provided in the home network.


Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Using the power of mobile, service providers have the capability to foster long-term customer relationships with their enterprise segment. Syniverse’s White-Label Mobile Engagement solutions offer cross-channel mobile communications that capitalize on the mobile value to your subscribers, as well as your enterprise customers, and that deliver relevant real-time content to consumers and employees through their preferred mobile channels. For example, companies can offer location-based concierge services to passengers as they travel, contextually based couponing to customers as they shop, and location-based fraud mitigation services to account holders as they purchase.


Global Reach

One of the keys to an enhanced user experience lies in the removal of all impediments to the easy adoption of roaming services. Syniverse Mobile Reach enables this with a solution to address messaging connectivity, seamless calling, welcome SMS, and traffic steering, to direct your roamers on to high-quality networks.

Many subscribers, when first arriving overseas, will want to let those back at home know they have arrived safely. But when they try to call direct from their address book with no international prefix, their call fails. They may suddenly realize they have no idea what the price per minute is and then become anxious about making that call. Worse still, they may be connected to a network that only provides intermittent connectivity.

All of these unacceptable glitches can be eliminated with the easy-to-implement Syniverse Value-Added Services package. One component of the package, Virtual Home Environment, can sort out the routing of calls behind the scenes. Another component, Welcome SMS , can provide a no-charge service as soon as a network connection is made. And a third component, Steering of Roaming, can ensure you can nimbly direct your roamers on to networks that you know maintain certain quality standards.


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