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How Syniverse Helps


Superior guest service has traditionally meant attentive, in-person contact. But as travelers have begun to depend more on mobile, they’ve developed a growing preference to manage service requests and transactions using their phones. Taking advantage of mobile to manage these tasks can help hotels efficiently deploy staff as well as give guests more autonomy and time to enjoy what the hotel has to offer.

Mobile Momentum

Our Solutions

Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Mobile offers unmatched potential for improving hotel operations and service levels without compromising guest satisfaction. More important, Syniverse’s cross-channel capabilities can expand guest choice with a real-time engagement route that complements existing personal-service models to facilitate faster responses, increase accountability, and expedite resolutions.

Use Cases


Mobile Protection

Getting the right notifications to the right guests and employees at the right time has become more important than ever. Direct, real-time access to Syniverse mobile context and network attribute data over a secured connection can help you ensure that only the intended recipients receive the messages they want, need, and expect.

Global Reach

Mobile continues to revolutionize communication and interaction. Complicated by multiple and incompatible device types, operating systems, and service providers, messaging is becoming the traveler’s most popular and practical mobile engagement channel. To serve travelers’ preference for this channel, Syniverse has developed a full range of messaging solutions that have the scope and value to create both a shared operational tool and amenity for hotels and their guests.


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