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Boutique hotels, small hotel chains and international hotel enterprises alike are facing new business challenges brought on by the rapid adoption of mobile. Business and leisure guests worldwide are increasingly expecting and demanding higher levels of mobile-enabled services and personalized interactions. To help companies address these challenges, Syniverse offers a complete portfolio of mobile engagement solutions that can play a key role in influencing and monetizing the entire guest journey.

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Mobile isn’t a technology, but a channel that can extend the delivery of convenience and satisfaction to prospective and established guests. Using this channel, Syniverse leverages mobile engagement to help hotel enterprises initiate interactions by increasing mobile app usage, promoting hotel amenities, and offering innovative guest services. In these ways, Syniverse can help you initiate personalized interactions that can become meaningful guest experiences and lasting relationships.

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The influence of mobile continues to grow, and hotel enterprises are recognizing its ability to deliver better, more attentive service. Simply put, guests today seek more personalized experiences. And Syniverse can help hospitality enterprises improve loyalty member activity and acknowledge the visits and preferences that build allegiance and repeat business.

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Use mobile to empower real-time guest choice, convenience and control. Syniverse utilizes cross-channel engagement to help hotels improve experiences that are key to higher ancillary services revenue. Hotels can keep in touch from the start with real-time, pre-trip updates and personalized offers that create excitement, drive occupancy, and increase revenue per available room.

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Guests often define hotel experiences by a hotel’s commitment to convenience, comfort, and care. To this end, Syniverse can help hotels complement personal service with mobile engagement to better match guest needs with the best delivery, experience, and value. Syniverse can help enable services that can give guests better access to hotel services and amenities, streamline operations, and refocus key personnel to create a new level of differentiated service.

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