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Reduce costs while efficiently staying ahead of the increasing demands on broadband networks.

How Syniverse Helps


Syniverse’s Mobile Reach and Revenue Management help MNOs, cable operators, and ISP providers efficiently reach and financially settle with interconnection customers.

Advanced IPX Diagram
Advanced IPX Diagram

Our Solutions

Global Reach

With the continued surge of broadband traffic, the growth of data traversing existing networks continues to cause potential problems. Syniverse’s Hosted Data Optimization service provides a solution for this as an integral service within Syniverse’s Mobile Reach. Built on an IPX foundation, Hosted Data Optimization provides a quick and efficient way to stay ahead of the increasing demands on your network bandwidth while lowering costs associated with ever-growing data volumes.

For example, as a cable or fixed-line operator, you look for ways to keep costs lower when interconnecting your customers with mobile users. By connecting to Syniverse’s IPX network with Advanced IPX services, you can reach mobile operators across the globe while lowering costs with Syniverse Hosted Data Optimization.


Revenue Management

Syniverse’s Revenue Management service offers a cloud-based solution with a high-quality interconnect billing system, supported by powerful business intelligence tools that don’t entail the steep cost of ownership. The service facilitates your trading relationships with partners , providing an extensive range of services that include integrated reference data, tariff maintenance, flexible rating and invoicing, and comprehensive reporting.

Moreover, Syniverse’s Interconnect Services solution allows our customers to optimize their interconnect business with a substantial reduction in the need for investment in hardware, software, and specialist skills. Typically, a broadband provider needs a comprehensive interconnect billing solution to optimize revenue and cost performance, with exponentially increasing number of partners. Syniverse’s Interconnect Services addresses these challenges with a cloud-based managed service offering that avoids capital expenditures and lengthy lead times. The service enhances wholesale revenue management through advanced business intelligence and effective control tools like least-cost routing. Customers can see enhanced operational efficiency in their interconnect business by improved quality of rating, reduced revenue leakage, and rapid time to market. These factors free up key resources for our customers to focus on other critical areas of their business, such as the negotiation of better interconnect deals.


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