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Increase Revenues for Next-Generation Services

Develop new revenue streams by providing unique value-added services to the global mobile ecosystem.

How Syniverse Helps


Whether engaging customers or your enterprise customers, accessing the mobile ecosystem for network services, or clearing and settling with your interconnect partners, Syniverse offers multiple ways for you to implement new services that can help you increase your revenues and profitability.

Syniverse Messaging Hub Diagram
Syniverse Messaging Hub Diagram

Our Solutions

Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Engage with your consumer customers and offer value-added services to your enterprise customers while increasing revenues. Syniverse Mobile Engagement Solutions offer quick-to-market, cloud-based services that provide one-of-a-kind offerings to your enterprise customers. Our cross-channel platform allows you to engage with your consumer customers and your enterprise customers to engage with their customers and employees in an interactive, contextually relevant manner while offering you new opportunities to increase revenues.

As an example, Mobile Engagement Solutions can enable two-way dialogue to be established between a business and its employees. What’s more, transactional messages can be sent to customers through their preferred channel to provide targeted marketing offers.


Global Reach

The growth and interest in next-generation services, such as VoIP and M2M, has increased significantly over the past several years. To help companies make the most of these technologies, Syniverse’s IPX and SS7 networks allow for the interconnection of IP and legacy circuit switched services between any provider. This decreases complexities by allowing connection to an extensive global network of mobile providers.

As an example, say a cable operator looking to connect to the mobile ecosystem to support its subscribers is currently making VoIP calls to the mobile network. To connect to this ecosystem and the vast number of mobile operators around the globe would take an immense amount of technology resources and capital expenditures. However, by working with Syniverse, this cable operator can consolidate multiple network connections via one network, which supports all services for various IP traffic types, such as signaling, messaging, roaming, and interworking.


Revenue Management

Syniverse’s Revenue Management services can facilitate your trading relationships with partners around the world and provide an extensive range of services, including integrated reference data, tariff maintenance, flexible rating and invoicing, and comprehensive reporting. This cloud-based solution allows you to gain access to the highest-quality interconnect billing system, supported by powerful business intelligence tools, without the steep cost of ownership.

Typically, a broadband provider needs a comprehensive interconnect billing solution to optimize revenue and cost performance with an exponentially increasing number of partners. This situation arises with the cost and complexity of implementing and running such a system in house. Using Syniverse’s Interconnect Services solution, companies can optimize their interconnect business by reducing the need for investment in hardware, software, project resources and IT specialist skills.

Specifically, the cloud-based managed service offering helps companies avoid this capital expenditure and lengthy lead time, and it means your interconnect business can be overseen by Syniverse experts. Moreover, the service enhances wholesale revenue management through advanced business intelligence and effective control tools like least-cost routing. In these ways, customers can see enhanced operational efficiency of interconnect business by improved quality of rating, reduced revenue leakage, and rapid time to market of interconnect products. The combination of these factors frees up key resources for our customers to focus on the negotiation of better interconnect deals and other core business areas.


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