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Improve operational efficiencies while supporting growing volumes and high demand on networks.

How Syniverse Helps


Syniverse’s Mobile Reach services help fixed-line operators, cable operators, and ISP providers efficiently reach the global mobile operator community with data and messaging services.

Advanced IPX Diagram
Advanced IPX Diagram

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Global Reach

With the continuous evolution of next-generation mobile services, companies need to be able to support a growing subscriber base of tech-savvy customers with new services to remain competitive. Syniverse’s Advanced IPX services can help you achieve this by seamlessly implementing new interconnection services with minimal infrastructure costs and the latest innovations in mobile technology.

As an example, consider a popular cable service that offers an integrated phone-service offering with both domestic and international calling capabilities using services such as VoIP. The cable operator can offer its customers IP-based phone services to make calls to locations around the globe without incurring excessive international charges. But the challenge lies in successfully connecting to and establishing relationships with the multitude of network operators located around the globe.

This can be easily accomplished through Syniverse’s IPX services. Our services offer the largest network of interconnected global operators, which allow cable providers to seamlessly offer their customers a range of next-generation IP-based services.


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