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How Syniverse Helps


Mobile operators providing services for local exchange carrier (LEC), competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), interexchange carrier (IXC), and Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies need to efficiently reach other communications providers as well as local access transport areas. Syniverse’s Mobile Reach network services provides an answer to these needs by offering a suite of comprehensive services for ISUP, SS7, IP and number portability.

Our Solutions

Global Reach

In today’s ever-competitive environment, it’s important for mobile operators delivering LEC, CLEC, IXC, and Voice over IP (VoIP) services to ensure that they provide the widest coverage to other communications providers while at the same time controlling costs.

As an example of how Syniverse can provide a solution for this, one fixed-line operator, through a single connection to Syniverse, was able to eliminate multiple links to numerous nationwide STPs for SS7 access to and from nearly all local access transport areas (LATAs). This allowed it to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while still ensuring nationwide coverage.


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