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Syniverse’s Mobile Reach and Mobile Engagement services offer broadband providers the ability to engage with their users through mobile messaging, marketing campaigns, and employee communications that build stronger relationships.

Mobile Engagement
Steps of Mobile Engagement

Our Solutions

Global Reach

For messaging users, reaching friends and family at the time they prefer and by the means they prefer is critical to ensuring their customer satisfaction. Syniverse’s IP Messaging Service can help fixed-line, cable and ISP service providers reach their customers via their mobile devices with Syniverse’s IP to mobile network interoperability capabilities.

Moreover, in the ever-popular world of social media, your subscribers want to communicate with their family and friends, but they don’t want to be limited to only those who are able to use your app. Syniverse’s IP Messaging Service can help you reach their social connections through the traditional mobile messaging network by converting IP-based messaging to and from mobile SS7 messaging.


Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Innovative solutions can help you differentiate your brand and services from the competition, and Syniverse’s solutions are designed to help you reach these goals. Our Mobile Engagement solution enables you to better target your enterprise customer segment with cloud-based solutions that meet their ever-evolving communication needs.

As one example, our cross-channel engagement platform allows companies to create, manage and analyze mobile campaigns on a local or global scale, opening up channels of dialogue between them and their customers.

Use Cases


Mobile Protection

Mobile usage has soared and resulted in an increase of vulnerabilities that can expose companies and their users to fraud. To combat this, business leaders globally are looking for ways to enhance user experiences while also safeguarding against fraudulent attacks that can affect their bottom line and brand reputation.

Syniverse Mobile Protection suite is a set of solutions that addresses these concerns and provides both mobile network operators and companies with the visibility and tools necessary to monitor, detect, and prevent fraudulent activity. The solutions enable greater transparency that can help operators and companies more quickly respond to problems, before they become larger crises.

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