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At Syniverse, "We make mobile work." And with the lightning-fast speed at which today's mobile technologies and lifestyles change, "making mobile work" can apply to a number of our different areas of expertise.

"Making mobile work" can refer to our diverse insights shared on our blog, our how-to guides for developing various mobile programs, or our newest profiles of our work with specific customers, among many other areas. The multiple ways that we touch mobile are ever-evolving and highlighted in our many areas of expertise.

Syniverse Events

At any time during the year, our leaders are presenting new ideas and sharing perspectives at any number of mobile and technology global industry events.

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Speakers Bureau

New ideas. Expert opinions. Deep experience. Syniverse subject-matter experts initiate discussions, explore ideas and promote growth within the industry. That includes expertise in mobile marketing, connected LTE, intelligent roaming, mobile engagement, mobile protection, mobile reach, revenue management and more.

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Syniverse Blog

Our company blog, Synergy, brings together our thought leaders in a forum to share our points of view on the latest news and trends happening across the mobile ecosystem.

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Syniverse Industry Leadership

We believe that working with industry organizations provides a critical opportunity to contribute to the development of policies and standards, and help make mobile work better.

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As a pioneer and innovator in mobile since the dawn of the industry, we stay in the thick of the latest mobile issues and trends, and we capture many of our viewpoints on video.

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Syniverse Infographics

From our position at the center of the mobile ecosystem, we develop original publications that include everything from how-to guides for mobile campaigns to snapshots of the latest metrics shaping the mobile industry.

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Syniverse Customers

The roster of leading companies that we're proud to call our customers includes more than 1,500 mobile operators and enterprises in nearly 200 countries.

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Syniverse Case Studies

Profiles of our work demonstrate how we make mobile work, and how we partner with customers to serve as their mobile guide and empower them to unlock value across today's vast mobile ecosystem.

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Syniverse Social Networks

We embrace the opportunity to share our latest news, events and thoughts of the moment across our social networks, and we invite everyone to join in the conversation.

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Syniverse Webinars

To ensure that our audiences can get our perspectives on the issues and trends we think are crucial, we regularly hold webinars. Each session allows us a more personal environment to analyze the topics of the day, share best practices and feature guest-speaker insights.

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