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Commitment to Quality

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Leigh Ann Poverelli, SVP Global Customer Service, discusses the benefits and capabilities of Syniverse's in-region customer support teams.

Syniverse is committed to ensuring the highest quality in customer service, and this commitment guides the daily actions and decisions of every one of our team members. In particular, the three areas below are especially critical in our effort to distinguish ourselves as a customer-focused leader.

Syniverse Worldwide offices and Customer Service Centers

Global Customer Service

With more than 30 offices in every region of the globe, Syniverse makes mobile work by offering complete global coverage and customer-service availability 24/7, 365 days a year. Today our global locations connect over 1,000 operators and more than 500 other major enterprises in almost 200 countries, and we provide reach to over 6 billion mobile devices around the world. We do this through regional headquarters in such major business hubs as Hong Kong and Dubai, and through a global team that is over 2,600 members strong.

Syniverse Point of Presence and Data Center Locations

Geo Redundancy

The key to ensuring uninterrupted service for our customers is our geographic redundancy. Through technology systems that include 34 points of presence, we have established multiple operation centers throughout the world. This georedundant network provides critical backup and switchover capabilities to ensure that if any operation center is affected by a technology failure, natural disaster, or any other event, its functions can be instantly taken over by a center in another location to provide the most reliable performance possible.


As part of our commitment to maintain the highest industry standards and continuous quality improvement practices, Syniverse is fully ISO 9001:2008-certified and TL 9000-approved (General Support Service) for the global office locations listed below.

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ISO 9001:2008 and
TL 9000 R 5.0/R 5.0:

Global Headquarters
8125 Highwoods Palm Way
Tampa, Florida 33647-1776
United States

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ISO 9001:2008:

5th floor
66 Prescott Street
London, E1 8HG
United Kingdom

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company - ISO-certified-icon-grey.jpg

ISO 9001:2008:

Eisenstrasse 9b
65428 Ruesselsheim

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