New White Paper on “Lessons Learned: Implementing Private LTE

The implementation of a private LTE network does not come without its challenges. Syniverse implemented a private LTE network on-site at its Tampa office in order to assess the process, resources and complexities involved.

Private LTE solutions make it possible for businesses to deploy and operate high-performance, on-site private wireless networks, without requiring access to licensed spectrum, yet still benefit from the speed and global reach of LTE technology. But installing a private network has its challenges.

We explore these challenges involved with establishing a private network in both an infographic and paper that follow the lessons we encountered while preparing for and installing a private LTE network on-site at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

We invite you to download the infographic and paper here to gain further insights into the challenges of installing private LTE, and to prepare you for a successful implementation.

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Download our "Benefits of a Private LTE network" infographic.

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