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Webinar Replay:

The Implications of 3G Sunsetting and the Power of Billing and Charging Evolution

Practical insight into the critical impact 3G sunsetting and BCE have on the telecom industry

This webinar, at the GSMA WAS #13 event, where Syniverse hosted a virtual lunch session discussing the implications of 3G sunsetting and the power of Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE).

Watch the replay where Syniverse experts explored both 3G sunsetting and BCE, offering operators practical insight into the critical impact they both have on the telecom industry in addition to the crucial need to take steps to prepare for the future of telecom.

Additionally, Syniverse products playing a part in this story include Evolved Mobility, enabling the seamless support of non-VoLTE roamers traveling into VoLTE-only networks, and Universal Commerce, a solution that allows mobile operators to access and transfer data securely for a frictionless monetization process, using GSMA-compliant BCE.

Learn more about 3G sunsetting and BCE
Panel Speakers
Beach Brian 1
Brian Beach
Sr. Director Product Management
At Syniverse, Brian oversees the product portfolio of IMS services that reside on Syniverse’s IPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange) network, including VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and RCS (Rich Communications Services).
Vanderheij 300
Douwe van der Heij
Senior Director, Product Management


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