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Understanding Volte Interconnect

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Webinar Replay: Navigating the End of 3G: Tips for Successful Migration

Webinar: Navigating the End of 3G: Tips for Successful Migration

The retirement of legacy 3G networks is coming fast. This sunsetting is intended to reduce costs, accommodate increasing 4G bandwidth demands, and allow for the reallocation of spectrum towards newer technologies like 5G.

While these changes are exciting, the retirement of 3G networks can create significant gaps for servicing a large percentage of inbound roamers. With VoLTE as the only option for inbound roamers, they face the problem of being unable to access both voice and data services if their home networks do not support it, creating an imbalance of inbound roaming that will have negative side effects for the visited network to negotiate their outbound roaming rates.

To address this challenge and explore opportunities that the end of 3G presents. Syniverse experts discuss:

  • The implications of retiring 3G networks
  • Solutions that will allow mobile operators to maintain both inbound roaming revenues and positive customer experiences in this exciting new era
  • Challenges in implementation
  • And much more
Webinar Replay
Panel Speakers
Beach Brian 1
Brian Beach
Sr. Director Product Management
At Syniverse, Brian oversees the product portfolio of IMS services that reside on Syniverse’s IPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange) network, including VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and RCS (Rich Communications Services).


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