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Everything in Transit Mapping the Customer Journey from Roaming to Revenue Growth

Explore new ways to generate revenue throughout the customer journey

This webinar, hosted by the CCA, in which Syniverse experts discussed new ways to generate revenue throughout the customer journey, by monetizing IoT use cases spurred by the emergence of private networks and 5G technology.

Watch the replay, where the Syniverse panel – Senior Director of Emerging Wireless, John Merchant, Product Management Director, Kishore Korimilli, and Senior Director, Product Management, Douwe van der Heij – joined CCA Senior Vice President of Media & Communications, Lucy Hodas, as they explored a host of topics, including ways to capitalize on this activity to generate incremental revenue.

Additionally, the group discussed the significant industry impact of the IoT’s rapidly-accelerating ability to communicate, exchange data, and much more, leaving attendees with a clear view of how rural carriers can benefit from this increased connectivity, establish new customer use cases and increase profits.

Learn about news ways to generate revenue
Panel Speakers
John Merchant
Sr. Director, Portfolio Management - 5G and IoT
John Merchant is the Senior Director of Emerging Wireless responsible for Syniverse’s 5G and Non-Public Network portfolios. He joined Syniverse in October 2018 with the mandate of driving Syniverse’s product development on 5G services offered to mobile network operators and Enterprises.
Kishore Korimilli Photo
Kishore Korimilli
Product Management Director
Product Management Director, Syniverse
Vanderheij 300
Douwe van der Heij
Senior Director, Product Management


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