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Creating Seamless Customer Experiences With Multichannel Orchestration


With today’s rising customer demands and expectations, it is important to not only provide options for customers to tailor their own experiences, but to also create engagements that feel consistent and cohesive across those channels. In this session, you’ll hear from Syniverse and industry experts, introducing this concept of orchestration into every touch point instantly means messages coming from different departments are transplanted into an intelligent workflow to ensure that the right message, reaches the right customer, on the right channel, at the right time.

Webinar Replay
Panel Speakers
Jeff Bak
Vice President, Product Management for Cloud Messaging, Syniverse
Jeff serves as Vice President of Product Management, Cloud Messaging, for Syniverse, managing a diverse portfolio composed of Syniverse’s industry-leading omnichannel Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution, secure private messaging, and mobile operator hubbing services for consumer messaging.
Matthias Muehlfelder
Senior Director, Product Management


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