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BCE es el futuro de las compensaciones y liquidaciones


Understanding BCE in the Era of Roaming Transformation

Syniverse was a proud theme spotlight sponsor for IoT at the GSMA Thrive Latin America online summit, where industry leaders discussed the opportunities and challenges of new technologies like IoT, 5G AI and more.

The impacts of IoT have never been greater than they are today and that’s only going to continue to increase. At the summit, registrants viewed our webinar, “Understanding BCE in the Era of Roaming Transformation.” Learn how this high-level automation solution will allow your customers to access and transfer data securely, across any format, making the entire monetization process frictionless and efficient.

This webinar video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Webinar Replay
Panel Speakers
Vanderheij 300
Douwe van der Heij
Senior Director, Product Management
Agustin hierro
Agustin Hierro
Vice President Sales
Well versed in intercultural business communication; creative and responsive with proven abilities to solve complex problems across organizational and cultural boundaries.


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