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As a foundational piece to take RCS A2P to the next level, Syniverse’s Inter-Operator RCS product improves the customer experience and creates ubiquity, allowing RCS A2P to flourish, while also helping operators gain an edge over OTT messaging applications and recover lost messaging revenues.

Syniverse Bridges the Gap Between Rich Communication Services (RCS) A2P & P2P

Rich Communication Services (RCS) continues to expand its presence in the market as an industry-standard communication protocol that delivers extended capabilities beyond traditional SMS, including group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images that all look and function like iMessage and other rich messaging apps, while facilitating read receipts and real-time viewing when someone is replying to your message.

But to further develop RCS A2P into a revenue-generating service, mobile operators first need to enable their networks for RCS P2P by successfully interconnecting with other operators and non-operators around the world. Only then will mobile operators level the playing field to compete with OTTs by offering enhanced native messaging experiences for their subscribers by implementing richer, more interactive messaging conversations.

Syniverse empowers operators to strengthen and monetize their messaging business by enabling interconnects with global operators and minimizing resource costs.

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Inter-Operator RCS

Syniverse’s Inter-Operator RCS product provides a single access point for all RCS P2P traffic entering or leaving an operator’s network, and for inter-network communication with other peering operators directly connected to the Syniverse platform or through other peering arrangements.

So, if mobile subscribers on separate networks want to communicate, mobile network operators need to interconnect their RCS platforms, either through interworking agreements or through a hub which connects to multiple MNOs.

Syniverse’s Inter-Operator RCS product was designed to ensure connectivity to all operators and non-operator affiliated RCS devices, while offering a single point of access to reach all RCS-enabled devices globally using best-in-class routing and unmatched global reach. As a proven leader in many areas of messaging, Syniverse continues fulfilling its commitment to this technology by managing over 20 billion North American RCS P2P transactions per month, with further access to over 200 countries and 85 MNOs across the globe.

The Cornerstone of Rich Communication Services (RCS) Begins With Syniverse

Syniverse is strategically positioned to help operators take full advantage of RCS interoperability by leveraging our core competencies that connect subscribers quickly and efficiently on a global scale:

An operator aggregation platform that provides interoperability of SIP traffic and differentiated RCS client specifications with advanced interworking functions.
A discovery and routing platform with global portability resolution and enhanced routing logic to optimally route traffic over the IPX.
Traffic distribution and trending by operator, KPI reporting, and the ability to pull CDR and KPI queries.
Intelligently route RCS traffic to the proper MNO, or route traffic by service type and IMS services when devices are dual-registered.
Data protection with private IPX and support for encryption limiting exposure to internet, and where data is only retained for operator KPI reporting use.
Normalization of interconnects to other MNOs and interworking to disparate implementations using a single connection.

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