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Monetize your messaging traffic.

Seamlessly rate, charge and bill for every message while streamlining collection and settlement to quickly realize profits.

A first-of-its-kind message monetization platform.

Syniverse Clearing and Settlement for Messaging flexibly rates and charges for long-code and short-code application-to-person (A2P) traffic, generates invoices, and manages the collection of payments from your partners. And that gives your teams visibility over messaging traffic hitting your network, so you can profit off all of it.

Get started today.
  • Invoice accurately and efficiently.

    1.7 million invoices created per year

  • Increase your revenue.

    $15 billion settled annually

  • Reach globally.

    More than 600 loyal customers across 200 countries

Streamline the monetization of your messaging business.

See how Syniverse Clearing and Settlement for Messaging allows you to properly rate, bill, collect and report on all your messaging traffic.


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