What is Mobile Wallet Marketing? New Strategies for Personalized Customer Engagement

Mobile Wallet Marketing

Mobile Wallet Marketing

There are so many opportunities to become an all-star marketer in this digital age. In the mobile space, apps were one of the first big attempts in engaging today’s always-connected customer, but while effective, many brand’s apps have only been able to capture a limited portion of their target audience.

A marketer’s strategy, however, must go beyond its app to reach customer-engagement nirvana, and this is why mobile wallets have emerged as one of the most powerful mobile marketing channels today. Mobile wallet apps such as Apple pay, Samsung pay, and Google pay, are all great examples of digital wallets that offer digital payment options or cashless payments. 

It opens a world of possibilities beyond a payment function, offering a perfect method for delivering coupons, rewards, tickets and other items straight to a consumer’s smartphone, at a single location where they can easily be found and redeemed.

To help brands better unlock the full power of mobile wallet passes, we’ve just created a new guide called “The Mobile Wallet Channel: Not Just For Payments Anymore.” The wallet marketing guide explains the critical parts of mobile wallet passes, use cases for customer offers, four phases of customer engagement, and case studies. I invite you to download it below, and after you read it I’d love to hear your thoughts on how mobile wallet passes can amplify your marketing strategy.

Download “The Mobile Wallet Channel: Not Just For Payments Anymore”




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