Creative and Bold Mobile Ideas: A Recap of Syniverse’s 2020 Users’ Groups

The convergence of mobile subject matter experts from around the world created an environment of innovation. Everyone with the mindset that the future of mobile is bright and full of opportunity. Our Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa Users’ Group meetings for our mobile operator customers just concluded – with two separate weeks of session content and collaboration.

With over 200 registrations, the event served as a blank virtual canvas – painting the roadmap for innovation and new ways of thinking about mobile. What does the future hold for IoT connectivity and where does the operator play? What emerging wireless technologies will bring the mobile operator even closer to the enterprises they serve? What technology changes are impacting the way we think about roaming? And what’s next for the new wave of customer engagement?

Talks ranged from a wildly hopeful future of expanded connectivity to in-depth and interactive discussions around the billing and charging evolution and the shift to VoLTE as 2G and 3G networks sunset. Let’s explore some of these highlights.  

Security is king.

The need for security is higher than ever. Phil Celestini, Syniverse’s Chief Security and Risk Officer and former special agent for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), discussed everything from IoT devices and roaming, security-first practices in a COVID-19 world, and the rumors around 5G security concerns.

Making money. Saving money.

Preventing fraud losses

Syniverse Fraud, Identity and Authentication experts addressed ways to better identify fraud with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Operators need to serve brands with verification solutions as the flood of digital identities present a need for more safeguards and standard practices around the globe. There’s a real opportunity to reduce costs by preventing fraud with sophisticated tools that go beyond the traditional rules-based model approach. And there’s an opportunity to greatly reduce identity fraud and account takeover attempts when you prioritize fraudulent traffic prevention as a strategic business priority. 

Controlling costs of network management

VoLTE is growing, largely due to operators sunsetting their 2G and 3G networks around the globe. With this shift, there are implications on user experience that need to be considered along with impact on roaming revenues. Operators need an actionable plan towards a smooth transition of shutting down 2G and 3G networks while effectively reallocating resources and costs to cutting edge network technologies like 4G and 5G.

Monetizing messaging traffic

Mobile operators are integral in connecting businesses, subscribers and things together. There’s huge value in it – to transact, and more importantly, to drive rich conversations. Mobile operators must capture this revenue to solidify their position in the messaging ecosystem – and we discussed all the ways to make it happen during our messaging track session. Everything from successfully implementing RCS to clearing and settling on messaging traffic between partners to realize revenue quickly.

Doing things differently.

Syniverse strategy and product management experts in 5G and IoT gave their perspectives on the topics that are driving the majority of recent customer and regulatory/standards discussions around the world. Let’s dive in.

IoT devices rule them all

Lots of IoT devices are flooding the market, but what are they all going to connect to? During our Making IoT secure, simple and profitable session, we walked through different connectivity options and the transition to 5G for ultra-low latency use case deployments. Our IoT expert said it best during the session, “Businesses are looking for reasonable performance and more routing, policy and control pieces for IoT. They’re also starting to talk the telco language when they ask for things like higher performance, permanent roaming and global connectivity, and simpler forms of charging.” It’s clear that enterprises are insatiably curious and ready to learn more about IoT connectivity – it’s up to the mobile industry to educate and drive innovative use cases forward.

If you’re a Syniverse mobile operator or mobile virtual network operator customer and would like to request access to the Users’ Group session recordings, email us at If you’ve already registered for the event, you can access the recordings at the Americas or Europe, Middle East and Africa events pages. See you next year where we’ll once again get together to conquer the future of mobile together.

Special thank you to our Users’ Group Executive Committee members for making these events possible.

Headshots of Brian Biernat, Richard Clarke, Cameron Dunn, Angie Flom, Celine Keating, Terry Rolston



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