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Industry: MNO/Wireless Operator
Responsibility: Roaming/interconnection
Problem: Migrating to LTE


Migration to any new mobile network architecture, especially one as complicated at LTE, can strike fear in even the most experienced roaming professionals. At Syniverse where we thrive on simplifying complexity, our experts have developed a way to make your move to LTE as straightforward as possible: Syniverse PRIMESM IPX Network Solution.

Our IPX Network Solution gives you the single, global IP network architecture needed to evolve to LTE and other next-generation IP technologies, all while satisfying current subscriber service demand without interruption or quality degradation. Just as importantly, IPX gives your subscribers the level of roaming, data connectivity and messaging they want via its ability to:

  • Provide worldwide connectivity so subscribers have seamless access to all their services, regardless of your roaming partner’s network
  • Enhance subscriber stickiness through a superior user experience
  • Drive operational efficiency by reducing equipment costs and infrastructure support

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IPX Network Solution

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The rapidly advancing pace of the mobile industry means you must establish a future-proof network architecture to ensure efficiencies, reduce costs and maintain high quality of service (QoS). As an evolution of our GRX/CRX networks, the Syniverse IPX Network Solution allows you to meet your existing connectivity needs for current services and support your ongoing legacy network — all while establishing a path for a smooth transition to LTE when you’re ready by:

  • Fully supporting both LTE and legacy 2G, 3G and SS7 technologies
  • Consolidating multiple connections via one network for all services, including multiple traffic types
  • Allowing you to introduce new services or increase network capacity without having to connect to additional networks

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