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Industry: Cable/MSO
Responsibility: Wireless/Wi-Fi
Problem: SMS-enabled phone numbers


As a wireless or Wi-Fi expert within your cable/MSO organization, you know the effect that the exploding use of short message service (SMS) has had on cable and wireless communication infrastructures. To ensure your enterprise’s share of the pie in an environment that expects continued exponential volume increases, you must be able to provide full cross-platform, cross-network connectivity for your subscribers so that their messages arrive at the intended destinations.

For senders who attempt to send an SMS to a recipient whose cable or mobile service provider or device is not able to support SMS, we have designed our SMS Interoperability Solution for IP to support non-SMS-capable destinations. This means that our solution can use SMS-enabled phone numbers to send the intended message recipient instructions about how to retrieve the messages using a web browser.

When your subscribers are confident that their SMS will be seamlessly delivered to their intended destinations — no matter what — you can count on:

  • Increased subscriber satisfaction
  • Increased customer stickiness
  • New revenue streams

Our Offering

SMS Interoperability for IP

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By leveraging Syniverse’s position as a leading provider of SMS interoperability for global connectivity, network reliability and scalability, you are able to quickly and easily capitalize on the growing popularity of SMS. We have our own short message service center (SMSC), so you don’t need to invest in your own infrastructure to ensure interoperability. And through a single network connection, we bridge multiple diverse operator networks and provide routing and transcoding when required. Additional SMS Interoperability Solution for IP features include:

  • A single destination for you to send all off-network SMS messages to obtain messaging interoperability among designated CDMA and GSM operators
  • A state-of-the-art, fully redundant, operator-grade call-processing platform hosted in a service bureau environment
  • Customizable filtering to protect customers from unwanted messages

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