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Industry: Cable/MSO
Responsibility: Wireless/Wi-Fi
Problem: Global connectivity for MMS


When you leverage our extensive network relationships around the globe as well as our ability to solve the business and technical issues associated with delivering multimedia messages off network and between operators, you are able to give your subscribers a seamless messaging experience and bring to your enterprise a plethora of benefits, including: 

  • Increased subscriber satisfaction
  • Improved customer stickiness
  • Access to new revenue streams

Our Offering

MMS Interoperability for IP

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Syniverse’s position as a leading provider of MMS interoperability for global connectivity, network reliability and scalability gives you the capacity to quickly and easily capitalize on the growing popularity of MMS. Through a single network connection, we bridge multiple networks, including those that are IP-based, to ensure that your subscribers’ MMS reach their destinations via our:

  • Operator-grade reliability and a fault-tolerant, redundant platform with full geo diversity
  • Interworking agreements with hundreds of partners worldwide
  • MMS reach to hundreds of operators around the globe

Industry Insight

Infographic Update: The New Silent Roamer Opportunity

Infographic highlighting the amount of global silent roamers and the significant revenue opportunity that exists as a result.

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