Global Interstandard Roaming Solution - UniRoam®

Global Roaming Made Easy

  • Offers instant voice roaming capabilities to more than 150 countries with a single roaming agreement (depending on sponsor operator)
  • Offers instant data roaming capabilities to more than 90 countries with a single roaming agreement (depending on sponsor operator)
  • Enhances your competitive position through connectivity to international GSM markets
  • Obtains new revenues from activations, airtime and monthly fees
  • Retains high-end corporate subscribers by satisfying the need of this key customer segment
  • Improves customer service and roaming management through timely online information
  • Allows you to choose your roaming partners regardless of technology

Benefits for subscribers:

  • Expands their access to international mobile calling, including voice and data services
  • Enables them to view all charges on one home operator bill
  • Delivers calls automatically to their existing home mobile phone number
  • Eliminates the need for a second subscription from a GSM operator during international travel

We Make Mobile Work: Global Roaming, International Mobile Calling Made Easy

By establishing connectivity to international GSM markets, UniRoam lets you expand your customers’ access to voice and data services practically anywhere, and gives you a powerful productivity tool that makes international mobile calling easier to afford and manage. Trust Syniverse to make it happen. We make mobile work.

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