Wireline SOA Service Bureau

Manage Porting Transactions Quickly and Easily

Syniverse Wireline SOA Service Bureau alleviates the challenges of ensuring correct call routing by hosting and operating a service bureau - a more cost-efficient alternative than hosting your own SOA in your own data center. Compared to other GUI-only offerings, Syniverse’s Wireline SOA Service Bureau brings more features and more flexible pricing options. Quickly, easily and reliably manage porting transactions, such as:

  • Porting a number in or out
  • Disconnecting a number formerly ported in when service is discontinued
  • Receiving a snap back of a number formerly ported out when another operator discontinues service for the subscriber
  • Modifying pending or active NPAC subscription versions
  • Putting numbers in conflict (or taking them out of conflict)

More Features for a Lower Price

This solution reduces costs because it eliminates the need for:

  • Capital investment
  • Support staff
  • Hosting your own SOA

Capabilities include:

  • Support for all porting flows
  • Support for all wireline-involved porting scenarios
  • Simple and secure, yet powerful web-based GUI and/or SOAP-interfaces to all NPAC regions
  • Access to multiple test/training environments
  • Single sign-in to access multiple NPAC regions and other Syniverse applications

As your trusted provider of number portability services, Syniverse can simplify your operations and ensure number porting transactions are performed quickly and reliably by leveraging our expertise, leading service delivery infrastructure and neutral third-party market position.

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