Wi-Fi Roaming Solution

Gain a Competitive Edge with IP Connectivity

We are the first to offer an integrated Wi-Fi Roaming Solution that gives you a cost-effective, competitive edge in bridging technical gaps and simplifying business relationships among a growing number of new roaming partners.

Using this solution, you’ll have consolidated usage and financial information for billing, and have access to subscribers who are roaming in other markets. Our Wi-Fi Roaming Solution:

  • Simplifies message routing across operators and provides you with security relationship management
  • Analyzes subscriber usage, allowing you to better determine direct marketing and partnering resources
  • Simplifies the clearing and settlement of multiple business relationships (operators, WISPs, aggregators)
  • Enhances customer satisfaction by allowing you to quickly resolve roaming issues and provide a consistent, uniform experience to end users
  • Allows you to utilize our unique ability to support direct roaming relationships between “neutral-host” or “shared-common-access” venues and service providers/operators
  • Takes advantage of our extensive experience in clearing house services, transaction processing, rating and reporting of mission-critical information

Wi-Fi Data Roaming Made Easy

With our centralized network, clearing house and service bureau solutions, we’ve simplified the complexity of implementing and managing mobile data roaming services by reducing capital outlay and streamlining operations. Our Wi-Fi Roaming Solution provides:

  • AAA broker services that centralize the collection and accumulation of the access and accounting records. It manages routing, interoperator relationships, protocol interoperability, attributes, tunnels and retries.
  • Data billing support services, including record aggregation, wholesale rating, translation and conversion.
  • Customer care and online analytical tools that provide an online window into near real-time roaming data, enabling roamer management, customer service and network troubleshooting.

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