Wi-Fi Clearing Solution

Remove the Barriers to WLAN Participation

With data and financial clearing and settlement, comprehensive reporting, data storage and banking capabilities, our solution offers both home service providers (HSPs) and visited network providers (VNPs):

  • Full compliance with WBA standards, processes and interfaces for Wi-Fi clearing
  • 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week monitoring and support from experts who are up to date on WLAN-related regulatory and industry developments
  • An optional usage detail record creation service based on your chosen format
  • The efficiencies, savings and revenue recovery that come from consistent, secure clearing and settlement
  • The opportunity to boost your competitive position by fully embracing the WLAN revolution

Choose the Right Features for Your Business

Our portfolio of modular clearing services allows you to craft the solution that's right for you.

Data Clearing Services (WRIX-d):

  • Data validation with duplicate call checking
  • Internet-based reporting
  • Billing data file storage for one year
  • Extended file schedule monitoring and manual follow-up for aging data
  • Server software for automated data transfer to Syniverse with compression and encryption
  • EDI dial-in capability or data transfer via FTP
  • Conversion between WRIX file versions

Financial Clearing Services (WRIX-f):

  • Data loading and checking
  • Invoice generation and distribution
  • Payable invoice receipt and reconciliation
  • Exception handling and dispute resolution
  • Banking and settlement
  • Monthly cycle reporting
  • Online tools and analysis
  • Management of usage detail records

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