Virtual Home Environment

Enable Home-Environment Functionality to Roamers

Syniverse Virtual Home Environment (VHE) increases the percentage of completed calls for both inbound and outbound roaming subscribers. This solution also:

  • Enables home-environment functionality while subscribers are roaming
  • Increases the number of completed calls while subscribers are roaming
  • Boosts the customer experience
  • Grows average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Minimizes costs

Intelligent Features

Syniverse VHE supports business continuity with cost-effective, hosted, highly available and fault-tolerant architecture. Other capabilities include:

  • Intelligent Call Assistant – corrects misdialed numbers by determining if corrections are required based on the visited country, home network numbering plan or short codes
  • Short Code Dialing – provides easy access to short code numbers such as voicemail or operator assistance
  • Intelligent network (IN) platform allows you to launch services quickly and cost effectively without requiring existing architecture replacements.

Turn to Syniverse and our 25-year heritage as a trusted mobile industry intermediary to deliver these benefits and more to both you and your subscribers through our Virtual Home Environment solution.

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