Sponsored Roaming for GSM

Roaming Operations: Simplified

We simplify the implementation of your roaming operations by managing your roaming partner activities for you and alleviating the financial or time constraints associated with establishing direct roaming relationships. Four key elements of Syniverse Sponsored Roaming make handling your roaming business much easier, as follows:

  • Dual IMSI SIMs for outbound roaming – Uses dual IMSI SIMs in your subscribers’ handsets to provide you with access to Syniverse Sponsored Roaming
  • Signaling – Routes signaling from the visited network to the home operator
  • Billing – Delivers TAP files to allow you to bill subscribers for their roaming services
  • Data clearing/financial settlement – Follows industry standards for the transfer of TAP files and financial clearing and settlement

Let your subscribers roam in more places around the world. Serve more global inbound roamers. Do it all instantly, cost efficiently and easily. Do it all with Syniverse Sponsored Roaming – a solution that increases your roaming revenue while enhancing subscriber satisfaction.

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