Signaling Transport for GSM

Signaling Transport for GSM Service

With our Signaling Transport for GSM service, GSM operators have best-in-class interoperability and signaling translation services to create seamless international roaming between North America and the rest of the world. This service enables cost-effective, direct, switch-to-switch communication between GSM roaming partners, along with enhanced management of roaming services and agreements. Both symmetric and asymmetric routing are supported, depending on the GSM operator’s choice and their bilateral agreements. Signaling Transport for GSM service:

  • Provides interoperability to virtually any operator regardless of size, location, switch type, technology level or network transport protocol
  • Reduces costs by providing access to many roaming partners via one connection to either Syniverse or your regional signal transfer points (STP) provider
  • Increases your business flexibility thanks to our global reach that enables you to choose your roaming partners and negotiate better roaming rates
  • Creates new international SMS messaging revenues

Interstandard SMS Interworking Service

Syniverse also offers a robust, comprehensive service for ITU-based GSM operators wishing to establish two-way SMS with North American ANSI-41 operators based on the CDMA protocol. Through a single connection to Syniverse, ANSI-41 operators are provided direct connectivity to North American operators along with major regional SS7 providers throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Our Interstandard SMS Interworking Service:

  • Creates additional subscriber revenue
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Serves as a potential differentiator in your marketplace
  • Requires no capital investment
  • Provides a single connection with a broad reach to previously unreachable messaging partners
  • Eliminates the need to alter the network protocol for messaging (ITU uses SS7, CDMA uses SMPP)
  • Provides SMS between subscribers in both home and roam environments

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