Signaling Transport for CDMA - INLink®

A Dependable Framework for Expanding Your Services

Regardless of your size, location, switch type, technology level or network transport protocol, INLink® CDMA Signaling Transport Services provide the network backbone for a variety of advanced, intelligent network services and features that make roaming possible. These include call delivery, fraud control, local number portability and calling name features. Using INLink can help you:

  • Reduce SS7 network costs – One connection to Syniverse connects you to all other wireless operators using SS7, freeing you from the costs of building and maintaining your own extensive SS7 network
  • Reduce roaming costs – With connections to all other operators using SS7, changing roaming partners to take advantage of lower roaming costs is a simple process
  • Provide greater control over fraud through real-time interoperability to non-compatible systems
  • Enable seamless roaming for end users
  • Offer high-quality, seamless connectivity and interoperability to other wireless operators regardless of size, location, switch type, signaling protocol, technology level or network transport protocol
  • Support other SS7 services over the same physical links so new revenue-enhancing services can be added quickly
  • Integrate connectivity to international wireless networks as well as to LECs and IXCs
  • Ensure reliability and reduce demands on your staff through our 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week monitoring of both the network and applications

INLink® uses ANSI-41 or GSM signaling protocol over the SS7 network to provide these intelligent network-based services. ANSI or GSM messages are transported over mated pairs of Tekelec Eagle STPs, which are in geographically diverse locations across the United States. To enable seamless roaming, interoperability and other enhanced services, INLink uses the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) standard of 144 milliseconds for 95 percent of messages as the maximum transit time for transporting a query message from a requesting network element to the processing network element.

With our intelligent network design, we can exceed the industry standards for network availability and help you offer faster, more efficient and cost-effective services.

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