Signaling Solutions for International Roaming

Reduce Interoperability Problems

Our Signaling Solutions also resolve a wide variety of interoperability difficulties, including:

  • Management of multiple MIN ranges and point codes – All MIN ranges and point codes are directed to a single point code through our centralized call processor, which resolves problems associated with MIN and point code overlap.
  • System identifier (SID) mapping – Our Signaling Solutions solves the SID conflict problem using an IFAST SID.
  • International temporary location directory number (TLDN) – automatic call delivery – Our centralized call processor determines the necessary manipulation of the received TLDN to build a digit stream that routes the call between the specific international locations.
  • ANSI SS7-to-ITU C7 signaling interoperability – Our centralized call processor’s ANSI/ITU-T signaling interoperability provides a gateway between ANSI- and ITU-based signaling networks.
  • TIA/EIA protocol interoperability – We provide roaming interoperability between markets that use different revisions of the TIA/EIA protocol.
  • Switch type incompatibility – Work directly with us rather than with multiple switch vendors to identify and resolve interoperability issues with roaming partners.
  • SMS routing – Using sophisticated addressing and routing technologies, our Signaling Solutions deliver and terminate SMS messages regardless of the message destination.
  • Welcome SMS – Home operators can automatically welcome their subscribers with an SMS when they reach their roaming destination.
  • WIN routing – Supports the routing and processing of WIN-based IS-826 messaging.

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