SMS Interoperability for IP

Ensuring SMS Delivery

IP-based service providers that use our SMS Interoperability Solution for IP can be confident that messages are delivered to end users. Our SMS Interoperability Solution for IP:

  • Increases mobile revenue – Allows your customers to originate messaging to other networks, driving up usage and customer satisfaction
  • Saves costs – Receive the latest technology without an upfront infrastructure investment
  • Includes world-renowned service and reliability – 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week monitoring and Syniverse Customer Support staffing provides full support
  • Leverages interoperability expertise – Our role as a leader in messaging interoperability uniquely positions us to effectively manage the IP, network and business issues associated with successful delivery of SMS services

Simplifying a Complex Relationship

SMS Interoperability Solution for IP provides SMS routing, interoperability, translations and management across technologies for ubiquitous mobile data among IP-based providers and mobile operators. The interoperator messaging abilities of SMS Interoperability Solution for IP solve the complexities of the many relationships – both business and technical – between operators and service providers. Through SMS interoperability, subscribers can originate a message on one network and send it to a subscriber on a different network, using the phone number of the destination subscriber as the address. Other features of SMS Interoperability Solution for IP include:

  • A single destination for you to send all off-network SMS messages to obtain messaging interoperability among designated CDMA and GSM operators
  • A state-of-the-art, fully redundant, operator-grade call-processing platform hosted in a service bureau environment
  • Customizable filtering to protect customers from unwanted messages
  • Real-time message processing instead of batch message delivery
  • Real-time updates instead of daily or weekly updates that often are provided by other third party providers
  • Reporting and online management tools
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Full support for North American mobile number portability
  • Text-to-speech services that allow subscribers to text message to landline phones (North America only)
  • Fixed-line SMS that enables fixed line assigned numbers to send and receive SMS messages
  • Established business relationships with wireline number providers

By using our existing gateway and operator relationships with the mobile community, you can extend your SMS services to the IP marketplace quickly and cost effectively.

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